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Below is the most recent installment (#015) …

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gagglefrakked is a humorous sci-fi web comic strip that postulates: “If some famous spaceships (Enterprise, Galactica, TARDIS, Death Star, Discovery One) could talk to each other, what would they say?”

Death Star imagery courtesy of Lucasfilm (
TARDIS imagery courtesy of BBC (
Enterprise imagery courtesy of CBS Paramount Television (
Galactica imagery courtesy of NBC Universal Television (
Discovery One imagery courtesy of MGM (

4 thoughts on “gagglefrakked – a web comic

  1. Valle

    Hi there! I like your comic. Just added you to my list of comics I read on a regular basis. Keep up the good works.

    – Valle

  2. GeekBoy

    Hey, thanks!

    I got sidetracked by vacation and other assorted end of summer plans, but I’ve got scripts written for another 5 or 6 of these, and I’ll start cranking those out as soon as this weekend.

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