I’ll Be Back … Maybe

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Once upon a time, for about three years in the previous decade, I had a blog. This blog actually, gagglefrak.com. On a semi-regular basis, I would review/recap TV shows, comic books, movies, and video games. I would share links and commentary about various things sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero. I even created an online comic strip and, occasionally, silly memes. And sometimes — not too often — people would actually take time out of their day to read what I wrote and say something about it.


Then in 2009, life happened and I gave it up. Not really on purpose, but just because I had too many other things going on. And if I was being honest, the blog had never really “caught on” the way I wanted to anyway. It was primarily a labor of love, and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. So I stopped spending time analyzing everything I watched and read, stopped posting, and as far as I can tell, nobody really noticed the difference. There was no great disturbance in the Force. No voices crying out in terror at my sudden silence.

And yet, I could never quite bring myself to tear the blog down. I’m a web guy by profession. So archiving and dismantling a blog is an easy enough thing for me to do. But every time I considered it over the past few years, I would browse through my old posts, grow nostalgic, and tell myself, “Maybe I’ll bring it back.” But I never did. And so gagglefrak.com just continued to sit there on the internet shelf like a old favorite book that I haven’t read in ages but can’t bear to part with either.


Now here I am again, faced with the prospect of (cue new metaphor) pulling this old starship out of the space dock, giving it a fresh new coat of paint, and taking it for a test spin around the galaxy. After all, I still watch just as many sci-fi, fantasy, and (mostly) superhero TV shows and movies as I ever did back then. So there’s more than enough material floating around in my head. More than enough theories and opinions and observations than ever really, but less “geeky” people in my life to share them with.

I’m definitely not interested in doing recaps again. Those take too much time, and honestly, aren’t a thousand other bloggers doing them already? Quick reviews maybe. A journal of sorts of what I’m watching or reading and why I like it. Maybe somebody will take the time to look at and/or comment about what I say, and maybe they won’t. But if nothing else, it could give me something to look back at in the next decade, to remind myself of what I used to enjoy and what I thought of it. And maybe then I’ll decide it’s time to dismantle it, once and for all. Or not.

I’m still not sure what I’ll do. But this post is the closest I’ve ever come to a first step.

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, so after spending an hour slapping on that new coat of paint, I guess I’ve made my decision. Let’s see how it goes!