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gagglefrakked #015

There’s a new web comic installment available.

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages since I posted one of these. I finished the scripts for several new ones a while ago, but hadn’t gotten around to putting them together.

Anyway, welcome a new character to the stage. If you don’t recognize who it is, you can always cheat by looking all the way at the bottom of the post.

Hint: the year should pretty much give it away.

gagglefrakked #013

There’s a new web comic installment available.

I know it’s been a few weeks since the last one of these. What can I say — vacation and end-of-summer plans got in the way. But I’ve written up scripts for a handful of these, which I’ll be parceling out over the next week or two.  So check back often.

And keep an eye out for the addition of a new character in #015!

gagglefrakked – a web comic

This is a project I started working on a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really want to share it with the world until I’d proved the concept to myself. Ten installments later, I think I’ve done that. From here on, I plan to crank out one of these a week. Unless it just turns out nobody’s reading it and/or the people who are reading it don’t think it’s funny. So let me know what you think …

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