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Since more people seemed to comment on my Ten Quick Questions recap of the show last week, I’ve decided to give it another try. So here you go: Ten Quick Questions about this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica

  1. During the many jumps inside of which Roslin talks to her dead spiritual adviser Elosha, was she actually glimpsing the true future, or was it all just her subconsciousness (or an “undigested bit of beef” to borrow from Dickens) convincing her to be a nicer person?
  2. Could Baltar BE more full of himself … and if so, would it make him even more hilarious than he was this episode? (“Hey! Stop jumping the ship! All right?”)
  3. Does Grace Park’s brain hurt sometimes, trying to keep track of all the Eights and what their different motivations are? (“Which one am I now? Boomer? Athena? Sharon? The Eight who downloaded Athena’s memories? Some new Eight who makes cupcakes?”)
  4. If Helo had sex with the Eight who downloaded Athena’s memories, would it really be cheating?
  5. So … no more Cylon resurrections. Does this mean that one of the Cavils has a white board in his room now, keeping track of how many of them are left?
  6. Did Boomer (Cavil’s “Pet Eight”) escape from the hub before it was blown up, and if so, will we see her again?
  7. Given time, could Baltar have actually converted the Centurion to his way of thinking?
  8. Who thought for a moment there that Baltar — having finally unburdened himself of the guilt of aiding the Cylons in destroying the human race (and calling it a good thing) — might actually die?
  9. How happy is Lucy Lawless that she gets to play D’Anna as a balls up, nothing to lose, “don’t frak with me but I might frak with your head” character … at least until she gives up the names of the Final Five?
  10. Who thought Jane Espenson’s “I love you” ending for Roslin & Adama was romantic, sweet, and satisfying, and who thought it was overly-sentimental, sappy, and predictable?

Next week … it’s the mid-season finale. No word yet on when the show will come back after that.

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