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Wait … the Enterprise Series Finale Sucked?

First, let me just say, quite unapologetically, that I actually LIKED the Enterprise TV show. I know that’s not a popular opinion among either Star Trek or general sci-fi fans. And I’m not saying it was a perfect show, by any means. But I still enjoyed it every week, and was sad when it got prematurely canceled. In fact, a few weeks ago, I tivoed the last half of the final season, and got sad all over again, because I really thought those episodes were pretty strong.

Except for the very last one. The series finale. Which I got pissed at all over again. So I chuckled when I ran across this short interview with Brannon Braga — who produced and wrote that episode, and who is finally will to fess up that yes, “it didn’t turn out as well as [he] hoped … it was kind of a lackluster story.” According to Braga, “At the time I thought it was very cool, it was only when it came out, I realized, ‘this isn’t quite working.'” Gee, you think?

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R.I.P. Majel Barrett Roddenberry

Majel Barrett was the wife of Gene and the mother of Eugene in real life, but to Star Trek fans, she will forever be Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, and of course the voice of the ship’s computer in nearly every Trek show and movie, including the most recent one set to release next year. She eagerly embraced the sci-fi community, and is considered by many to be the uncontested “First Lady of Star Trek.”

After her husband’s death in 1991, Majel continued to carry on his legacy, producing the shows “Earth: Final Conflict” and “Andromeda” based on archives that he’d left behind, and she has acted in a wide variety of other TV shows as far back as the 50s.

Sadly, Majel died today at the age of 76 as a result of complications brought on by leukemia. She will be sorely missed.

Star Trek Movie Trailer – NEW!

I didn’t get a chance to go see the new James Bond flick this weekend, so I had to settle for catching the bootleg version of the new Star Trek movie trailer on YouTube. Rather than post that one, I decided to wait and post the official HD version instead. AND HERE IT IS — ENJOY!

I have to say, I’m definitely intrigued, although I’m guessing many purists out there have watched this and already have issues with it. What do you think?

gagglefrakked – a web comic

This is a project I started working on a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really want to share it with the world until I’d proved the concept to myself. Ten installments later, I think I’ve done that. From here on, I plan to crank out one of these a week. Unless it just turns out nobody’s reading it and/or the people who are reading it don’t think it’s funny. So let me know what you think …

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