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Heroes: How to Stop an Exploding Man

I’ve been trying to come up with an adjective to describe last night’s Heroes season finale. Because with action/drama shows like this, I’ve grown accustomed to finales being over the top and adrenaline filled, with at least a few “Holy Fuck!” moments interspersed throughout. But last night’s finale was … “solid” would probably be the best word I can come up with. From an action and suspense perspective, Tim Kring certainly could have pushed the envelope much further. But he stuck instead with the balance of action and character development that has kept the show strong all season. And in this case, that meant giving all of the main characters a bit of long-needed closure.

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Heroes: Landslide

Just when you thought that Sylar slicing off the top of somebody’s head was the nastiest way you could think of to die, D.L. has to go and turn Linderman into a ventriloquist dummy. Seriously, if D.L. lives, I can’t wait for the next time he’s fighting a bad guy and says, “Dude, in two seconds, I’m about to go Charlie McCarthy on your ass.” Yet oddly enough, the more shocking moment in that scene for me was when Jessica willingly stepped down and let Niki take control, so that she wouldn’t be tempted to take Linderman’s offer. That tells me there is hope for Nessica yet.

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Heroes: The Hard Part

Well, I guess now we know that Sylar comes by his delusions of grandeur honestly. Freakgirl and I half-expected that his visit to his mother would be a self-serving one — that maybe she had a power he needed to suck out of her brain. Turns out, he was just looking for some kind of redemption, or maybe even hoping she would talk him out of his present course of action. Using Isaac’s power, he knows that he might be responsible for the deaths of millions, and this isn’t something he can justify as part of his philosophy of “natural selection”.

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Heroes: String Theory

Five years in the future …

Future Hiro has taken up arts and crafts in the name of history. Future Peter has a nasty scar across his face, and has taken up with Future Niki, who is stripping again. There is no Future Jessica, Future Micah is dead, and Future D.L. is in the Hero Protection Program, which is run by Future Bennet, who along with Future Hana is hiding Future Claire, who is a brunette waitress in Future Texas and is getting married soon. Future Matt and Future Haitian are fascist asshats. Future Ando is dead. Future Mohinder works for Future Nathan, who is President, but who is really Future Sylar using Dead Candice’s shapeshifting power.

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Heroes: .07%

Peter and Sylar finish their showdown. At first, it looks like Peter might have the upper hand. But as everybody knows, YOU CAN’T BEAT CRAZY! Peter ends up “dead”, while Mohinder knocks out Sylar (but doesn’t kill him for some reason), then takes Dead Peter to the Petrelli house, where Mama Petrelli and Nathan cry and gnash their teeth … then Claire shows up and says, “Um. Did you guys try just pulling this piece of glass out of his head?” Et voila, Peter is alive again.

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Heroes: Parasite

It’s all coming together now, with plenty of twists and turns and characters overlapping all over the place …

Peter is especially mobile this episode, first dodging bullets at Isaac’s, then eavesdropping on Nathan’s meeting with the FBI, and finally ending up at Mohinder’s. Where, in one of the funniest “meta” moments in television history, Sylar slices off the long bangs that have apparently been driving Milo Ventimiglia insane for months. But I’m getting ahead of myself …

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Heroes: Company Man

Wow!!! I defy anybody to “meh” that episode. We got action, flashbacks, history reveals, parallel storytelling, and the most brutal Claire-healing yet. Okay, so no Sylar, no Petrellis, and after two weeks, still no sign of Niki. But the focused storyline was well worth it to get so much information and closure in one episode.

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Heroes: Unexpected

Hana the Human Web Surfer finds Ted, who now wants to blow up Bennet, whose wife is dying because of too much mind-wiping by the Haitian, who accompanies Bennet to NYC to try and capture Claude, who is saved by Peter, who thanks to Claude is now able to better control his powers, which he uses to fly he and Claude to safety and to confront Isaac, who is now a narc for Bennet and who unintentionally kills Simone, who dies in the arms of Peter, who is becoming increasingly aggressive (like Sylar?) and who Claude is pissed at for revealing his not-deadness to Bennet, who Claire is pissed at for making her mother sick and who has been injecting radioisotopes into people like Hana and Ted and Matt, all of whom invade the Bennet house with guns to get justice, which is what Suresh tells “Zane” he would like for his father, who was killed by Zane/Sylar, who also kills the Mechanic with Super-Hearing, whose powers he steals, which gives him a Super-Headache and probably makes him wish that everybody talked in subtitles, like Hiro and Ando, who almost get killed by Hope, who shoots at Hiro, who unwittingly uses his powers to rewind time and stop the bullet from hitting him and who tells Ando to go home in order to protect him and who boards a bus driven by Stan Lee, whose awesome cameo was completely spoiled by the opening credits.

Heroes: Run!

Ando and Hiro return to Vegas, where they plan to steal the sword from Linderman, who some tall chick named Hope claims to know as she seduces Ando, who steals a pink bag for her against the wishes of Hiro, who gets socked in the nose by Hope, who locks him in a storage room and tells Ando he’s with Linderman, who has hired Jessica to kill some dude, who stole 2 million dollars from Linderman and who — despite Matt’s best efforts — ends up dead, just like the Metal Melting Guy, who Sylar got to before Mohinder, who is now going to recruit “Zane”, who he doesn’t realize is actually Sylar, who is the reason the Haitian & Mr. Bennet had to wipe the memory of Mrs. Bennet again, which is why she can no longer remember Mr. Muggles or Claire, who once again visits her real mom, Firestarter, who extorts $100K from Nathan and lies about the amount to Claire, who throws a rock at a teary-eyed Nathan, who Jessica has now been hired to kill.

Heroes: Distractions

Okay, first a quiz question for the uber-geeks out there:

What was the license plate number of Hiro’s father’s car, and why is it important?

With that out of the way, let’s fast-forward through the rest of the episode. Unlike Hiro, I can’t stop or slow down time, and there’s a lot of work on my plate today …

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