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Heroes: I Am Sylar

Sorry folks, I was on vacation, so while I had a chance to watch this week’s episode of Heroes, I don’t really have time to do a detailed recap or the LOL Heroes.  I enjoyed it, though — especially watching Sylar morph back and forth between himself and his dead mother and have a conversation, a la Norman Bates.  What did you think?

Heroes – Cold Wars

Sorry, I’ve got a cold and too much work to do this week. So I give you one half-assed LOLhero and a brief synopsis: Matt gets inside Noah’s head, giving us a series of black and white flashbacks; Mohinder gets captured; Matt has a vision of DC getting nuked; and it turns out … drum roll please … Daphne is still alive (highlight to see spoiler).

And now the analysis:  In general TV terms, this was a well told episode. But in Heroes terms, it was a bit too low-key and artsy for its own good.  Noah’s moral ambiguity was more entertaining the first time around, in the “Company Man” episode.  But even he seems bored at this point.  The premise of the government hunting down superpowered “terrorists” should be more exciting than this … shouldn’t it?