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Sarah Connor: The Tower is Tall But the Fall is Short

This week’s episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles was definitely lighter on the physical activity, and heavier on the psychological activity. Not so coincidentally, most of it centers around Dr. Boyd Sherman, one of the names from the blood wall, who is a child/family psychologist who used to work primarily with war veterans. The Connors set out to protect him, and they do. Yet somehow they never quite figure out why he’s so important to Skynet. But we do.

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Sarah Connor: Goodbye To That

In this week’s episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we get what is essentially a very traditional Terminator storyline. Nothing too complicated: A cyborg travels back in time, its mission to kill somebody who is crucial to the human anti-Skynet resistance movement. The twist in this case is that for once, it’s not John Connor, or even Sarah, but instead somebody named Martin Bedell, one of John’s best soldiers/tacticians in the future.

And so the race begins to see who will find him first, the Connor Crew or the determined T-888 which, as we all know from past experience, cannot be bargained with or reasoned with and (say it with me) “will not stop until you are dead.”

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Sarah Connor: Automatic for the People

In this episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we learn that the bully from A Christmas Story, Scut Farkus (played by Zack Ward), went on to channel his rage into becoming an anti-Skynet resistance fighter. He travels back in time to warn the Connors that Ralphie is actually a terminator, and that by no means should T-Ralphie be allowed to get its hands on a prototype Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun. Unfortunately, as Scut is dying from a gunshot wound to the chest at Sarah Connor’s feet, he realizes that the time travel bubble was about 60 years off. So to save face, with his last dying breath, he tells the Connors, “Stop Greenway, Serrano Point, Two Days”.

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