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Simon Pegg on Zombies

Simon Pegg (of Shaun of the Dead and Spaced fame) has a little something to say about zombies. Okay, he has a LOT to say about zombies. In particular, why he believes “fast zombies” are a cheat, and why a certain 80s pop star is to blame. In what is ostensibly a review of the British mini-series Dead Set (which finished airing on October 31st), he talks about the history of zombies in movies, where George Romero originally got his inspiration, and how the Dead Set series measures up to what has come before. It’s a well-written and thoughtful essay/review from somebody who is clearly a diehard fan of the genre.

“If you’re careful, if you keep your wits about you, you can stave [zombies] off, even outstrip them — much as we strive to outstrip death. Drink less, cut out red meat, exercise, practice safe sex; these are our shotguns, our cricket bats, our farmhouses, our shopping malls. However, none of these things fully insulates us from the creeping dread that something so witless, so elemental may yet catch us unawares — the drunk driver, the cancer sleeping in the double helix, the legless ghoul dragging itself through the darkness towards our ankles.”

No word yet about when we here in the States will get to see Dead Set for ourselves.

via AMC’s SciFi Scanner

Zombies Take Michigan, Plan to Vote Obama

Okay, so the second part of that headline may or may not be true. Politically, I’m not really sure which way the living dead lean these days. Obviously, issues like health care and abortion aren’t all that important to them, although they would prefer that gas prices stay high, so as to decrease the odds of the living having an opportunity to escape and/or light them on fire. But as many as 4000 zombies DID descend on Grand Rapids, Michigan this past weekend, shattering the previous zombie walk record of 1375 set in a Pittsburgh suburb last week. See the footage for yourself …

For more information and some photos, visit blog.spout.com.

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Dead Set – Horror Meets Reality TV

What would happen if Britain were overrun by zombies, and the only people who didn’t know about it were the contestants locked up in the Big Brother household?  That’s the premise of the six-hour series Dead Set, soon to air on the E4 channel in the U.K.  I’m not sure yet when this one will air here in the States, but I look forward to seeing it if/when it does.

For more information, visit the Dead Set website.

Evil Dead: The Musical: The Posters

What you see below might be the most brilliant marketing for a musical ever. And definitely for a musical based on a classic campy horror movie. Freakgirl and I got to see this show in 2006, before it fled the country and moved to Toronto, and I LOVED it. The script was hilarious. We sat three rows back from the stage, and had to wear disposable ponchos in case blood splattered on us. Can’t wait for it to come back to the U.S. so I can see it again!

Evil Dead the Musical poster

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