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And the New Doctor Who is …

So the new Doctor Who — who we presumably won’t see until 2010 — is some young guy that nobody expected. His name is Matt Smith, and while he’s done a bit of stage and TV work, he’s basically an acting newcomer. Die hard Who fans being what they are, I’m sure this poor guy and the decision to go with him instead of one of the other more high-profile names that were bandied about will receive a crapload of criticism for the next year or so. I’ve already seen some of it out there in the blogosphere. Which is a shame. Because I’m sure Smith will do just fine, especially if the writing is strong … and I expect nothing less than brilliance from the new head writer Steven Moffat. (If you don’t believe me, go watch Jekyll.)

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Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview

This preview of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special is currently available on BBC’s “Children in Need” website in the UK only. It’s the first two minutes of the special, and as with the first two minutes of ANY Doctor Who episode, it will have you scratching your head and wanting more. So watch it only if you’re prepared to let it drive you nuts until it eventually airs here in the States …

Here’s the link, in case the embedded version doesn’t work …

Time for a New Doctor Who

Okay, it’s official. David Tennant is stepping down as Doctor Who, and will not be returning as the TARDIS Timelord when the regular series eventually returns. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to anybody, of course. After all, the next season was basically delayed so that Tennant could pursue other projects, and it sounds as if he’s decided to keep on doing that. In the new season’s place, we’ll be getting 5 one-off episodes throughout 2009 and into 2010, including the usual Christmas special, all of which Tennant will star in.

Exactly how and when the switchover to the new Doctor will happen, and who it will be, are still unknown. Among those in the early running are James Nesbitt (Jekyll from Jekyll), David Morrisey, and Paterson Joseph (Benjamin from Jekyll) — who would be an interesting choice as the first black Doctor. (Note: Jekyll was created by Who‘s new head writer, Steven Moffat.) I’ve definitely loved Tennant’s run with the role, but won’t mind seeing what somebody else can do. After all, it’s the unique nature of The Doctor to die and be reborn every so often, right?

gagglefrakked #013

There’s a new web comic installment available.

I know it’s been a few weeks since the last one of these. What can I say — vacation and end-of-summer plans got in the way. But I’ve written up scripts for a handful of these, which I’ll be parceling out over the next week or two.  So check back often.

And keep an eye out for the addition of a new character in #015!