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Yesterday's Future Tech That Never Was

My latest web discovery is Modern Mechanix — a blog that specializes in posting articles and advertisements from decades ago that showcase all sorts of cool and weird glimpses at the current day, as well as a range of both wildly inaccurate and uncannily prescient guesses about the future.  I can never get enough of chuckling over the kind of technology that people half a century ago believed we would have by now.  With that in mind, here are few of my favorites …

You’ll Own “Slaves” by 1965 (written January 1957)

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Finally, The Force CAN Be With You!

Have you always suspected that your midi-chlorian level is high? That with the proper training, you could lift a large vehicle out of a muddy swamp? That some days, it almost feels as if you really COULD lift your boss off his feet and choke him with nothing more than the power of your mind? Well, young padawan, the time has come to stop being a poseur and find out for sure.

For the low price of just $90-100 (hey the fate of the galaxy might be at stake here!), you’ll soon be able to purchase The Force Trainer. For real. Kind of. With the help of a wireless headset, this toy apparently reads your EEG waves, and based on how focused your brain is, moves a “training sphere” (which looks suspiciously like a ping pong ball) up a tube, accompanied by some sound effects. It’s not much … but you know you want to try it!

What intrigues me about this more than anything else is wondering how long it will take for Nintendo to adapt this kind of technology to the Wii.

Computers Are Assholes

I’m running behind on my W.Y.O.S.T profile this week, but ran across a hilarious”Internet List” this morning, and decided to share it.

Topless Robot has compiled a list of “The 7 Biggest Asshole Computers in Science Fiction“. Conspicuously absent from the list are Autopilot from the recent WALL-E movie and “The Architect” from the last two Matrix movies. Can you think of any others they missed?