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Heroes: Interview with HRG

Since things are slow around here right now, I thought I’d post a link to an interview with Jack Coleman (HRG) that I just ran across today. Especially since he seems to speculate about certain plot details in a confident way that implies insider info.

Feel free to use the comments to speculate yourself, or to post links to other interviews that give clues about the direction of the show. The writers strike will probably result in loose lips, as actors get restless and want to feel relevant.

Some of you may or may not consider this stuff spoiler-y, so use your own discretion when clicking through.

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Heroes: Powerless

So there you have it. The end of “Heroes Volume 2: Generations”. Before I get to the recap, let me tell you what the one big takeaway from this episode should be for each and every one of us. Stated simply: “Don’t Fuck With Mister Hiro”. Seriously. The boy has a harsh sense of justice.

Now that that’s out of the way …

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Heroes: Cautionary Tales

Lots of twists and turns in Heroes this episode, and some plain old good writing — particularly the dialog, which we all know has floundered a bit this season. In fact, this episode was so tight, with so many overlaps, that it almost felt like a season finale to me, although I know there are two more episodes and a whole “super virus” plot line to wrap up yet.

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Heroes: Four Months Ago

Okay, so we’re back in time again, 4 months ago. (Although it’s really more like 6 months ago for us.) Remember how crazy things were crazy back then? The war in Iraq was still in full swing, Kanye West was tearing up the music charts, Britney Spears was being accused of child neglect, teenagers were always pissing their parents off, and the weather was doing some weird unseasonable shit or another, wasn’t it? Good times. Seems like just yesterday.

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Heroes: The Line

It’s the Heroes moment you’ve all been waiting for … The Juander Twins (not my joke) & Sylar finally cross the border into the United States! Although it’s really not all that exciting. Maya cries the border guards to death, Alejandro gets mad, and Sylar says some creepy shit that Alejandro doesn’t understand. Now begins their 5-year mission to reach New York. Wish them luck!

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Heroes: Fight or Flight

Sorry folks — no Maya & Alejandro in this week’s episode of Heroes. If you’re wondering what’s happening to them, my sources tell me they’ve moved 1.5 miles closer to the United States since last week. Claire & West were also a no-show, but have been spotted floating over portions of Southern California, boring so many people to tears that Governor Schwarzenegger has considered declaring a state of emergency.

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Heroes: Kindred

Heroes is all over the world again this week …

In Ireland, Peter helps commit a robbery, but helps prevent a murder, gets shot and heals, gets a tattoo that morphs into the helix before it fades away entirely, kisses the Irish girl, and decides that he doesn’t want to know who he really is. Probably for the best. He’s liable to remember his old haircut. Or doing that Rocky movie.

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Heroes: Lizards

Another awesome episode of Heroes this week. I’m really enjoying the pacing so far, and now that most of the main characters are already established, I like the way it jumps around from one storyline to another. Anyway, let’s get into it …

Hiro pretends to be Takezo Kensei to save the swordsmith’s daughter by using his freeze frame power, then resigns himself to taking on a Cyrano role with the white TK, who is suddenly all excited about the prospect of being a hero … if it means he’ll get the girl and the glory. His excitement doesn’t last long, however, before he’s the victim of a walk-by arrowing, which he survives because (wait for it) he has healing powers, like Claire. Which now makes the second repeated power we’ve seen this season.

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