Heroes: .07%

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Peter and Sylar finish their showdown. At first, it looks like Peter might have the upper hand. But as everybody knows, YOU CAN’T BEAT CRAZY! Peter ends up “dead”, while Mohinder knocks out Sylar (but doesn’t kill him for some reason), then takes Dead Peter to the Petrelli house, where Mama Petrelli and Nathan cry and gnash their teeth … then Claire shows up and says, “Um. Did you guys try just pulling this piece of glass out of his head?” Et voila, Peter is alive again.

Before this, Linderman persuades Nathan to become president by showing him an Isaac painting of … Nathan as President. The hitch? .07% of the world’s population has to die, including perhaps Peter. (Although after Peter un-dies, Nathan seems to feel better about this.) How will Linderman pull this off, when Nathan is currently down in the polls? By kidnapping Micah, of course, and using him to rig the voting machines. Nessica will NOT be pleased.

Meanwhile, Sylar and Isaac have their date with destiny. As a very calm Isaac himself predicted, Sylar slices off the top of his head … but not before crucifying him to the floor with some paint brushes. And not before Isaac babbles on cryptically about finally being a hero and saving the world. My guess is that this claim has something to do with the final issue of his comic book and/or his sketchbook, which he sent out with that courier just before Sylar showed up. Is there a message to Hiro in those pages perhaps? Maybe some vision he had about how to stop Sylar and/or the explosion?

Regardless, Sylar has Isaac’s painting power now, and his version of Nathan as President is not nearly as flattering. Nathan looks twisted and evil in it. Although I’m wondering … is it really Nathan? Seems to me we have Candice the shapeshifter out there. So what if Sylar killed her, and took her power? President Sylar, anyone?

As for Hiro and Ando, they’re still 5 years in the post-apocalyptic (for Manhattan) future. Rather than simply jumping back to the past again with no more information then they had before, Hiro has decided to first find out what went wrong. Clearly he’s learned a little something about time travel since his failed attempt to save Charlie. They go to Isaac’s workshop, and find there a full timeline of events before and after the explosion. And then Future Hiro finds them. (Although in this context, it’s probably Present Day Hiro.)

Over at PrimaTech, Bennett helps Matt and Ted escape, then they go to the diner where Hiro met Charlie. We learn that Linderman is indeed “the boss” of PrimaTech, and then they all head for New York. (I don’t remember why.)

In between the cracks of this massive storyline, we learn that Linderman has a superpower — the ability to heal flowers … and presumably other things too. And Mama Petrelli heavily implies that she has a power as well. (So maybe Papa Petrelli had one too?) In fact, according to Linderman, there are a bunch of them from “back in the day” who had powers, and used them to do good. I’m guessing Hiro’s father is one of these too?

In the webcast that was held last night, Tim Kring revealed that Season Two of the show will be called “Volume 2: Generations” (the current season is “Volume 1: Genesis”). So if that’s any indication, we’ll probably learn more about the previous generation of heroes next season, if not sooner.

Anyway … I’m so glad this show is back!!!