Heroes: Collision

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Did anybody else utter a loud, “OHHHHH,” as they watched Heroes last night and learned that Peter’s superpower isn’t actually flying, but mimicking the superpower of whoever’s near him? Because I did. This was very clever on the part of the writers. Peter has been built up in the summer-long marketing blitz as the one who can fly. And despite decades of reading comic books, I went right along with that, and didn’t even pick up on the fact that he’d scribbled that little premonition picture when he was in the hospital after having been near Isaac. Anyway, this is going to raise all sorts of juicy possibilities down the line.

Meanwhile, I can’t tell you how horrified and utterly fascinated I was watching Claire put her autopsied self back together again. “Oh dear, I seem to have left my chest skin open. How embarassing. Let me just zip myself up here.” That’s some awesome not-safe-for-children television right there! Then watching her drive Date Rape Boy’s car — with Date Rape Boy in it — into a brick wall? Now THAT’s a post-feminist statement. I really love how Claire is starting to embrace her power, although I can see how it might become a problem for her in the future if she becomes TOO reckless.

Speaking of reckless, there’s Niki. A couple of weeks ago, I said (quote), “I look forward to the episode where we get to see Dark Niki in action.” And now that I have, I have to say … I was somewhat underwhelmed. I guess I was expecting something a bit “Hulk-ier” or more “Mr. Hyde-ish”. Because it seems like all Dark Niki has going for her is the ability to kick some ass and have some sex. Which isn’t really a superpower, is it? I mean, those scenes played fine plot-wise, don’t get me wrong. But a split personality disorder doesn’t quite seem like the next rung on the evolutionary ladder. Still, I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt here — maybe we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg with her.

Back to the “did anybody else” department … who else thought of the movie Rain Man when Hiro and Ando were gliding down the casino escalator in those suits? “I’m an excellent time traveller. Definitely an excellent time traveller.” Hiro’s another one that I’m already worried is abusing his power, as the gambling plot line bore out. But based on his future self’s appearance at the end of the episode, he obviously gets his act together at some point. And learns perfect English. Lots of juicy possibilities with that whole plot development too. Seems to me as if Peter is being established as the “leader” of this group of heroes, doesn’t it?

And then there’s Matt the Cop. Who is either about to get a very thorough enema (“go deep, and clean him out”) or, more likely, something much more sinister. Will that creepy guy wipe his memories? Or his powers? Or worse?

Oh, and for those who weren’t aware, Sci Fi Channel is replaying Heroes every week on Fridays at 7pm. Which combined with Doctor Who at 8pm and Battlestar Galactica at 9pm pretty much makes for a geek’s dream lineup.