Heroes: Landslide

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Just when you thought that Sylar slicing off the top of somebody’s head was the nastiest way you could think of to die, D.L. has to go and turn Linderman into a ventriloquist dummy. Seriously, if D.L. lives, I can’t wait for the next time he’s fighting a bad guy and says, “Dude, in two seconds, I’m about to go Charlie McCarthy on your ass.” Yet oddly enough, the more shocking moment in that scene for me was when Jessica willingly stepped down and let Niki take control, so that she wouldn’t be tempted to take Linderman’s offer. That tells me there is hope for Nessica yet.

Anyway, the heroes are all in New York City now. Ted is arrested by the FBI, but never makes it to prison before Sylar kills him and takes his power. Peter and Claire run around being useless most of the episode. Before dying at D.L.’s hand (get it?), Linderman heals Nathan’s wife, thereby (seemingly) cementing Nathan’s loyalty to the cause. Hiro appeals to Nathan, is rebuffed, calls him a “vweelan”, then receives unexpected sword fighting lessons from his father, who has yet to reveal his own superpower. Ando gets bored, and decides to run off and kill Sylar on his own. Candice and Micah rig the voting machines so that Nathan will win by a landslide, and Candice implies that beneath the illusions, she’s probably fat and/or deformed — which is no doubt a ploy on the part of the writers to make us sympathize with her just before Sylar kills her next week. Young Molly gets her groove back, and before Suresh can use her to find and stop Sylar, Bennet and Matt arrive on the scene. Bennet coldly kills Eric Roberts, finds Molly, and Bennet and Suresh get themselves into a kind of Mexican standoff.

Next week … the season finale!!!

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