Heroes: Turn and Face the Strange

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This week, on Heroes

RECAP DETAILS AHEAD (don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet) …

My day job has me a bit scattered, so I’m keeping it short this week.  So far, I continue to be happy with the improved writing on this show.

Hiro and Ando drive cross-country with Baby Matt Parkman, figure out that he is also Baby-Cry-and-Stop,  and get rejected by an Asian redneck trucker.  Noah confirms that Sylar isn’t really dead and that he’s a shapeshifter.  Sylar tricks Noah into holding a gun to his wife’s head.  Noah tricks Danko into confessing.  Sylar and Danko trick everybody into thinking Noah killed a police officer — including Noah himself.  Matt Parkman screws up Danko’s love life, then almost gets killed by Danko, but gets saved by Hiro.  Matt Parkman meets Matt Parkman.  All the Petrellis go to Coyote Sands, site of “Project Icarus”, and start digging up bodies.

I smell a flashback episode coming on!