Heroes: Interview with HRG

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Since things are slow around here right now, I thought I’d post a link to an interview with Jack Coleman (HRG) that I just ran across today. Especially since he seems to speculate about certain plot details in a confident way that implies insider info.

Feel free to use the comments to speculate yourself, or to post links to other interviews that give clues about the direction of the show. The writers strike will probably result in loose lips, as actors get restless and want to feel relevant.

Some of you may or may not consider this stuff spoiler-y, so use your own discretion when clicking through.

Here’s the link …

And here are three questions that caught my interest:

So, we’ve heard that there is going to be a high body count on Monday’s episode [the finale]. Can you tell us who dies?

Well, I can’t … but I’ll give you good reason why I can’t. I think it’s left somewhat ambiguous as to whether or not those persons are dead. I’ll say it looks really bad for certain people, but it might not end up that way. And it won’t be a “brought back from the dead” kind of thing, but maybe what we’re seeing didn’t come to pass as we think it did.

Speaking of brought back from the dead, do you worry that they’ve painted themselves into a sort of “no death” corner? With Takezo Kensei/Adam’s blood healing Nathan’s disfigurement, and Claire’s blood bringing you back to life, how can anyone actually “die” on the show now?

Well, that can go away as quickly as it came. I’m sure that’s one of the things they’ll be addressing, is the idea of rules. What’s doable, what’s not doable. With mutation and different viruses and different evolutionary processes, it could be that an infusion of Claire’s blood won’t do you anymore. People have been wondering if I might have the ability to regenerate now, and I don’t. It was a one-time fix. But it’s entirely possible that her antibodies might not work on anyone else.

Whatever happened to the character who was introduced who could talk to computers [Hana Gitelman]? She seems to have vanished.

I think that literally what happened was that she got another series and we lost her. I think she lives on in all of the online things they’ve created for the show, they call her Wireless. I thought that was a brilliant idea and she was really good in the part, I don’t know if they’ll bring her back or not. I know there’s been talk about bringing Christoper Eccleston [Invisible Claude] back too.