Heroes: Truth & Consequences

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I had to deal with some computer problems at work this morning, so I’m going to keep my Heroes recap relatively short this week. These are my favorite bits of dialogue from each character last night …

Maya: “Oh, Meester Gabriel, you are so wonderful!”

Sylar: “Excuse me while I practice my devilish psycho smile.”

Alejandro: “Que?” (Translation: “What purpose did I serve this season?”)

Peter: “I absorbed the power to be extremely gullible from my friend Mohinder!”

Mohinder: “You know, I believe that wholeheartedly. I really do.”

Adam: “Try dealing with clueless idiots like this for as many centuries as I have. Then see if you don’t want to kill off 93% of the world’s population too.”

Noah: “I’m just glad I finally have a scene with my shirt off. It’s like Dynasty all over again!”

Joanna Cassidy: “Hey, why did Flashback Victoria get more screen time than I did?”

George Takei: “And why did Flashback Kaito not look and sound anything at all like Sulu?”

Claire: “Wahhhh!!! My life sucks! Everything heals but my poor broken heart!”

West: “So Claire … any chance this Haitian dude can make me forget all your whining?”

Bob: “Elle, I need you to watch Claire for me. Think maybe you can NOT fuck that up?”

Elle: “Why won’t you just love me, Daddy? Why??? Is it because I electrocuted Mom at childbirth?”

Niki: “Hi everybody. Have you met Doris, my completely boring mom personality?”

Monica: “Look at me, I’m all like Jackie Chan and shit! You know … before Chris Tucker.”

Micah: “I talk to light bulbs and television sets!”

Hiro: “The time has come to go back in time again!”

Ando: “Again? (sigh) Now I know how Journeyman’s wife feels.”