The Stand Comes to Comics

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A video trailer for a comic book? Hm. Okay, sure, why not …

I’m really looking forward to this one. Stephen King’s The Stand is easily one of my favorite novels of all time. Who doesn’t like a good post-apocalypse story? I’ll admit, the fact that Marvel has already done a great job with King’s Dark Tower novels helps get my hopes up for this project … and the previews of Mike Perkins’ great artwork doesn’t hurt either.

As with Dark Tower, the plan is to release a sequence of miniseries that will gradually tell the entire epic story monthly over several years (30 issues is the current estimation). The first issue, The Stand: Captain Trips #1, will hit the stands at midnight on September 10th.


2 thoughts on “The Stand Comes to Comics

  1. melissa

    oh man, I am SO excited for this! I’ve read the stand a few times, all before I read the dark tower series, and it still remains my favorite. The movie didn’t do it justice, so I’m hoping this will (considering the dark tower take, I have faith!)

  2. GeekBoy

    Yeah, I had hope for the TV movie, since they were smart enough to make it a mini-series. But you’re right, it didn’t really do it justice.

    If this succeeds, the next one I’d love to see in comics is “It”. That story had so many great visuals, and again, the movie didn’t quite live up to it. (Edited to add: that pun wasn’t intended.)

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