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Race to Witch Mountain

Back in 1975, when I was eight years old, I fell in love with the Disney movie (not a cartoon) Escape to Witch Mountain, in which two young orphaned kids with telepathic and telekinetic powers are on the run from a ruthless millionaire, and with the help of Eddie Albert and a Winnebago, discover that they are actually aliens from another planet who must return to Witch Mountain to reunite with others of their own kind. For a shy and undersized boy like myself, this was the best kind of wish fulfillment.

So I have to say, as much as I usually groan at the thought of remakes of classic movies, I actually got a bit of nostalgic jolt when I ran across this trailer today …

Honestly? It doesn’t look half bad. I kind of like The Rock, and think that maybe the bang-boom-bang additions are the right move for a modern updating of this story. Apparently, the original novel was much darker than the 1975 Disney film was anyway.

Welcome to the X-Men, Bitch!

It’s being reported that Josh Schwartz, creator/writer of shows like The O.C., Chuck, and Gossip Girl, will be penning the next X-Men movie, to be tentatively titled either “X-Men: First Class” or “Young X-Men”, depending on which news article you read. All that seems to be established so far is that it will be a story of teenage mutants dealing with their powers — hence the reason for bringing Josh Schwartz on to write the script. Whether those teenagers will be younger versions of the adult X-Men that have already been in the films or the New Mutants from the 80s or the lesser-known characters from the recent “Young X-Men” series, it remains to be seen.

So … take that for what it’s worth. I’ve actually been enjoying Chuck, and having watched more of The O.C. with my wife than I care to admit, I have to say that when Schwartz himself wrote the episodes, they seemed to work well. He’s a comic book geek, so he “gets it”, and hopefully he’ll carry that over into the franchise. As far as character development is concerned, he really can’t do much worse than Brett Ratner did with X3, as far as I’m concerned. The X-Men comics have always worked first and foremost as a metaphor for 1) racism/intolerance and 2) the anxiety of puberty. And I feel confident that Schwartz can at least pull off the second half of that equation.

To date, no director has been attached to the film yet.

Star Trek Movie Trailer – NEW!

I didn’t get a chance to go see the new James Bond flick this weekend, so I had to settle for catching the bootleg version of the new Star Trek movie trailer on YouTube. Rather than post that one, I decided to wait and post the official HD version instead. AND HERE IT IS — ENJOY!

I have to say, I’m definitely intrigued, although I’m guessing many purists out there have watched this and already have issues with it. What do you think?

Michael Crichton Dies at 66

Best-selling author, film producer, film director, TV director, and medical doctor Michael Crichton died unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 66, after a “courageous and private battle against cancer“.

I’d have a hard time believing that any science fiction fan out there hasn’t read at least one of Crichton’s novels, or at least seen one of the films based on his novels. Besides books, he also wrote and/or directed such classic movies as Coma (1978), The Great Train Robbery (1979), Runaway (1984), and one of my all-time favorites, Westworld (1973). Not to mention the long-running TV series, ER, which is wrapping things up this season after airing Thursday nights at 10pm on NBC for the past 14 years.

A thought-provoking writer with an uncanny sense for story, as well as a devoted family man, Michael Crichton’s contributions to the sci-fi/thriller genre over the past 40 years (that is, MY ENTIRE LIFETIME) are immeasurable, and he will be sorely missed.

Marvel Sets Official Iron Man 2 & Avengers Dates

According to Marvel Comics, it’s official. We’ll be seeing the Iron Man sequel in May 2010 and the first (live-action) movie featuring The Avengers in July 2011. The only lineup they’ve committed to so far for The Avengers is Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk …

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