Star Trek Movie Trailer – NEW!

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I didn’t get a chance to go see the new James Bond flick this weekend, so I had to settle for catching the bootleg version of the new Star Trek movie trailer on YouTube. Rather than post that one, I decided to wait and post the official HD version instead. AND HERE IT IS — ENJOY!

I have to say, I’m definitely intrigued, although I’m guessing many purists out there have watched this and already have issues with it. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Star Trek Movie Trailer – NEW!

  1. Shannon Shark

    I’m hopeful. I can let the “canon” thing go, as long as it’s close (so Pike is the first captain, and there was no Robert April, and Kirk met Pike more than once) – the Star Trek part looks like Star Trek which is what matters, and Kelley and Doohan aren’t available to do any more movies – heck Shatner doesn’t even resemble Kirk these days.

    You know I love you, thanks for the posts over at my place.

  2. Odette

    I think hopeful is a good way to put it — I’m definitely a fan, but not a purist. As long as it’s a good movie, and as long as the characters are recognizable as themselves, I will be thrilled! I love these characters — perhaps the most of any Trek people — and I’m just excited to see them on screen again.

    I’ve only discovered your site recently, but I like your writing style. And it looks like we share more than a few fandoms!

  3. Chuck

    This may shock some, but I’ve never seen a single ST episode or movie, so as a complete outsider I’d have to say that it looks pretty badass to me!!

  4. GeekBoy

    Wow, you’ve never seen anything at all? That’s actually pretty impressive.

    It’ll be interesting to get a “clean read” on the movie from you when it comes out.

  5. Chuck

    Actually, come to think of it, I did see one of the Next Generation movies- the one with the Borg. Does that count?

    I really know nothing about the “cannon” though. I know Spock is a Vulcan and I’m familiar with some of the bad guys just because I didn’t grow up in cave. But aside from that I’m pretty much a clean slate.

    Although I did work with Shatner once.

  6. GeekBoy

    That kinda counts. Although it shouldn’t taint your objectivity when it comes to judging Abrams’ movie, because none of the old school characters were in that one.

    Do I even want to know what you worked with Shatner on?

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