Farscape Season Five

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Farscape comic book mockupAll sorts of good, bad, and ugly news came out of the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. So much news that it’s actually taking me a while to work my way through all the blogs out there. But I have to say, the one piece of news that jumped right out at me and put an immediate smile on my face was word that Rockne O’Bannon — creator of the grossly underrated and prematurely cancelled show Farscape — is in the process of creating a canon comic book that will pick up where the “Peacekeeper Wars” TV miniseries left off.

The title is slated to launch in November, and so far, O’Bannon has only committed to a 4-issue arc, but his aspirations are high. “For me, one of the very exciting aspects of doing this in comic book form is that all of [the visual] restraints are off. We can portray a class of creatures, and a multitude of creatures, without the restrictions of television production and budget. The scale of this comic book is going to be the dream version of ‘Farscape,’ the unrestrained version of ‘Farscape.'”

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As a fan of Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall, I’m thrilled when sci-fi shows like this that meet untimely ends get a chance to live on. I can’t wait to see what Crichton and the gang have been up to. Obviously, I’d much prefer to see more episodes of Farscape on television, but since that’s not going to happen, then this is the next best thing.

After all, it’s not like I’m not already reading comic books anyway!

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