Spaced on DVD … FINALLY!!!

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If you’re a geek, and you’ve never watched the UK series Spaced, you are required to watch the following clip. Then read on, and find out how you can get more …

I know, right? Brilliant! I could watch that clip a thousand times.

Anyway, so Spaced is a series that originally aired in the UK in 1999 and 2001 on Channel 4. It starred and was written by the duo of Simon Pegg (Tim) and Jessica Hynes (Daisy), who basically portray two slacker characters with wacky friends, pretending to be a professional couple to get a good apartment. Directed by Edgar Wright, the pace is fast, the pop culture and sci-fi references are aplenty, and it’s just plain funny. Along with co-star Nick Frost, Pegg and Wright would later go on to make Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. So if you liked those movies, you’ll probably like this show.

Freakgirl and I discovered Spaced entirely by accident on cable a few years ago, and desperately wanted to own a DVD of it. Unfortunately, it’s only ever been available in the UK. Until now. It’s FINALLY available on DVD in the US starting July 22nd. I pre-ordered our copy weeks ago. And if you don’t want to dish out the money, BBC America will also begin airing the entire series on Monday, July 21st, as well as 6 back-to-back episodes on Sunday, July 22nd. There are 14 episodes in all, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re like me, you’ll just be sad when you reach the final episode, and realize there’s no more coming.

And then you’ll go watch Shaun of the Dead again.

Wait, you HAVE seen Shaun of the Dead … right?

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