Time for a New Doctor Who

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Okay, it’s official. David Tennant is stepping down as Doctor Who, and will not be returning as the TARDIS Timelord when the regular series eventually returns. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to anybody, of course. After all, the next season was basically delayed so that Tennant could pursue other projects, and it sounds as if he’s decided to keep on doing that. In the new season’s place, we’ll be getting 5 one-off episodes throughout 2009 and into 2010, including the usual Christmas special, all of which Tennant will star in.

Exactly how and when the switchover to the new Doctor will happen, and who it will be, are still unknown. Among those in the early running are James Nesbitt (Jekyll from Jekyll), David Morrisey, and Paterson Joseph (Benjamin from Jekyll) — who would be an interesting choice as the first black Doctor. (Note: Jekyll was created by Who‘s new head writer, Steven Moffat.) I’ve definitely loved Tennant’s run with the role, but won’t mind seeing what somebody else can do. After all, it’s the unique nature of The Doctor to die and be reborn every so often, right?

5 thoughts on “Time for a New Doctor Who

  1. mindy

    I dreamed the other night that it was Alan Rickman. But I also dreamed that I was the new companion and that our first trip to another planet was the Planet of the Hardware Stores, so maybe that won’t be right, either.

  2. GeekBoy

    I love Alan Rickman … but I think I wouldn’t after a while if he played The Doctor. He’s just got that gloom factor to his personality that would be a bit off-putting. It seems like The Doctor always has a bit of a child-like edge to him that’s crucial to the role, and I wonder if Rickman could pull that off. Might be fun if it was just for a few episodes, though.

    But the Planet of the Hardware Stores I like! Maybe he loses his sonic screwdriver, and needs to find a new one.

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