Watch the Life On Mars Premiere

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Did you miss the premiere of “Life On Mars” but are interested in watching it? Well, the folks over at ABC sent along this widget, so you can watch the first episode in its entirety. Enjoy!

(P.S. I have no expectation that this will work for the non-U.S.ers out there, so for my Canadian friends, please enjoy the peace and quiet of a blank screen.)

3 thoughts on “Watch the Life On Mars Premiere

  1. TV Geek

    Thanks for posting the widget. I saw life on mars last Thursday and thought it was really well made. Was meaning to watch it again before this Thursday, so this helps. Hope the widget works for our Canadian friends.

  2. DonMagicJuan

    I didn’t get to watch it on Thursday and am happy to find this widget. Looks awesome and will be on my roster of shows for this seaon.

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