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Saturday Morning Watchmen

Check out this faux trailer for a Saturday morning Watchmen cartoon.  (“WATCH THIS MOVIE!”)

I find this especially funny in light of how odd it is that DC has created Watchmen action figures.  For a great take on this, read Scott Brown’s article about how confusing this is for kids.  “These new angsty comics flicks aren’t for kids, so why are the toys they spawn? I mean, what could the savage 10-year-old me do to a Rorschach figurine that the beautiful lunatic hasn’t already done to himself?”

Buffy Season 8, #20

Some history: Back in 2002, Joss Whedon and Jeph Loeb got FOX to green light a deal for “Buffy the Animated Series”. It would be kid-friendly, the episodes would take place somewhere in the middle of Season 1, most of the actors from the show would do the voices, and most of the episodes would be written by the writers who were currently working on the show at that time. But, FOX being FOX, the series never happened, and the closest we’ve ever gotten to seeing it is the three and half minute promo that leaked to YouTube this past August.


So there’s your context for this one-shot issue, written by Jeph Loeb, in what I have to figure is a nice bit of closure for him. As well as an appropriate story for the Christmas season. Let’s call it the “Ghosts of Buffy Past” issue — a nice counterpoint to the several issues we just spent in Fray’s dystopian future.

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