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Can Sci-Fi Save Santa Claus?

As kids grow more savvy every year, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep them believing in Santa Claus for very long.  Why?  Because it’s all based on magic, and enjoyment of Harry Potter aside, kids simply have a hard time putting their faith in magic these days.  But the writers at io9.com have a solution.  Try replacing magic with science fiction …

Five Sci-Fi Rebirths For Santa Claus

It’s an inspired idea really.  Santa Claus becomes much more plausible, and even a bit cooler, when you attribute all of his Christmas “miracles” to awesome abilities like Teleportation, Cloning, Superpowers, and Nanotechnology.  But my favorite of the five is the notion that he uses Time Travel.  After all, why deliver all those gifts on Christmas Eve when you can deliver them year round instead, and simply time travel to Christmas Eve?  Brilliant!  Although the idea that Rudloph’s red nose gives him the ability to teleport might just be a close second.

via io9.com