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When Critics Attack! – Blindness Edition

Based on the commercials, I was curious to see the movie Blindness — a moody adaptation of a sci-fi/thriller novel about a future where (almost) everybody goes suddenly blind. Then I started reading the reviews. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not one to reject a movie outright because of what the critics say. But when I see critics getting particularly creative about the way in which they put down a movie, it tends to make me think twice.

Case in point, here’s what they had to say over at Slice of SciFi

What was a poetic, exhaustively-brilliant piece of fiction has now become a clunky, clattering, ever-collapsing film of bludgeoning rhetoric.

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Okay, so that’s kind of damning, right? But who knows — maybe this film just wasn’t Sam Sloan’s cup of tea. Or maybe he was too attached to the book. The people over at AMC’s SciFi Scanner tend to have a good nose for bad sci-fi movies …

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