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Remember When Sci-Fi & Horror Were the Same?

“It’s 1984 and you’re seated in a dark theater. A beautiful woman … is on the run from an unstoppable killing machine, a marginally human force focused only on death. Her death. Shoot it, light it on fire, blow it up … it just won’t stop. Merciless and unrelenting, its sole goal is to kill this particular woman, preferably in some unspeakably horrible way.

“Now answer me this: Are you watching The Terminator or one of the Friday the 13th flicks?”

Such is the premise of an interesting post by Todd Brown over at AMC’s SciFi Scanner. It’s a great point, and he traces it all the way back to the granddaddy of all genre-bending classics, Frankenstein — a “horror” monster created through scientific means. So where do you draw the line … and why are we even drawing lines to begin with? Give it a read, and let me know what you think.