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5 Geeky Xmas Gifts I Got

I’m blessed with family and friends who know me well enough to give me some awesome geek gifts for Xmas this year. Thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you, in no particular order …

Frakkin Toaster T-Shirt
Freakgirl got me this awesome shirt, which I’m psyched to wear at the NY ComicCon in February, where folks aren’t shy about telling you when they like your t-shirt. If you don’t understand the joke, I’m not explaining it to you — just trust me that it’s funny.

Iron Man DVD Set with 3 Bobble Heads
Freakgirl gave me this too — a two-disc set, which includes bobble heads for the Mark 1, Mark 2, and Mark 3 suits. Trifecta! I look forward to playing with the bobble heads while I watch the DVD extras one day soon. You know, after I watch the movie five more times.

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