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Battlestar Galactica Movies I'd Like to See

Okay, so according to the L.A. Times and some other sources, the Sci Fi Network is close to signing on for as many three Battlestar Galactica TV movies, which would presumably be in the same vein as last November’s Razor movie. So basically, we’re talking self-contained two-hour episodes, to be shot while much of the cast and crew are (more or less) all still in the same place. Some or all of these movies would air before the show comes back from mid-final-season hiatus, in a shameless attempt to keep the buzz alive for as long as possible before we get to see those final episodes. And who are we kidding — BSG addict that I am, I’ll watch them all … probably more than once.

What I’d like to do is make some guesses about the subject matter for these movies. As we all know, Razor dealt with the back story of the Battlestar Pegasus, the misunderstood Admiral Cain, and the previously unseen Kendra Shaw. So following that formula, here are my predictions … Continue reading