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My Name is Bruce on DVD

After a short run on the big screen, My Name is Bruce on DVD hits the shelves today. For those who haven’t heard about this latest project from the star of the Evil Dead movies, it’s basically Three Amigos meets Bruce Campbell.

I didn’t get a chance to see it in the theater myself, but the reviews from those who did seem to agree that if you’re a Bruce Campbell fan, you’ll love its campy, self-mocking brilliance … if not, you may find it stupid. As a BC fan from way back, I just placed my order with Amazon.com this morning. Gotta support The Chin, baby!

Go watch the trailer, if you haven’t already.

Check out this great interview with Bruce Campbell over at Den of Geek, to get you in the mood. I loved reading how much he hated Ash’s chainsaw … and why.

Visit Mark Verheiden’s blog — he’s the guy who wrote the movie, as well as some great episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Smallville, and is currently trying to fix Heroes.

Or click through to see a larger version of the poster …

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My Name is Bruce – Movie Trailer

I’ve known about My Name is Bruce for more than a year now, but refused to post about it until I could get my hands on a trailer that wasn’t fuzzy and the size of a postage stamp. Now that the movie’s actually been released (in a very limited capacity), the trailer has improved …

Basically, it’s Three Amigos meets Bruce Campbell, and early reviews seem to indicate that if you’re a BC fan, you’ll like it — but if not, you may find it stupid. I probably won’t end up seeing this until it’s out on DVD (in February), but if you do before then, let me know what you think.

Spider-Man 4 & 5 are ON … with Raimi & Maguire

Word has it that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire have been signed on for the Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Man 5 movies. This will perhaps come as a disappointment to those who feel that Raimi dropped the ball on the last Spidey movie, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing him pick the ball back up and run with it again.

When I saw the first movie, I thought it was the best superhero flick to date. Then the second movie blew my socks off, and I had to transfer the crown. So the third movie left me more perplexed than angry. How did Raimi manage to go so far off track? I tend to believe rumors that he was coerced into including Venom as a primary bad guy, even though it it didn’t fit his previously stated overall plan to work with only old school supervillains for the first few movies — the result, a story that went on too long, with too many bad guys.

So prove me right, Sam. Make these next two as solid as the first sequel, and all will be forgiven (even that whole dancing thing). Follow through on that Lizard subplot you’ve been building up to. An army of genetically altered lizards rising up from the sewers of Manhattan would be an awesome use of CGI, don’t you think? Oh, and be sure to include Bruce Campbell cameos. Lots of Bruce Campbell cameos. People like those. I’m even fine with an Iron Man cameo.  Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility — so please don’t frak these movies up. Thanks!

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Evil Dead: The Musical: The Posters

What you see below might be the most brilliant marketing for a musical ever. And definitely for a musical based on a classic campy horror movie. Freakgirl and I got to see this show in 2006, before it fled the country and moved to Toronto, and I LOVED it. The script was hilarious. We sat three rows back from the stage, and had to wear disposable ponchos in case blood splattered on us. Can’t wait for it to come back to the U.S. so I can see it again!

Evil Dead the Musical poster

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