BSG – The Son Also Rises

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I’m busy this week, so I’ll keep it short …

Everybody’s grieving the “death” of Starbuck. Baltar’s lawyer gets blown up, so now Badger is his new lawyer. (Any Firefly fans out there? Hello?) By the way, I’m going to keep calling him Badger, because the character’s real name, Romo Lampkin, makes him sound too much like a hobbit. Anyway, much of the plot revolves around this new character, who as far as I can tell is a heart-broken orphan that used to be a thief, but was reformed by Joe Adama, the admiral’s father. He’s part klepto, part Columbo, swiping objects from people then discerning all sorts of behavorial and psychological details from those objects. Apollo is assigned to be his bodyguard, and one point, he jumps into a lake to save Badger’s son when the boat he’s on explodes, and they fall in love … no wait. Sorry, wrong story. But seriously, Apollo does seem to fall a little bit in love with Badger, and with the idea of being a lawyer like his grandfather was. So against the wishes of his father — who is one of THE FIVE (yes, five) that comprises Baltar’s tribunal — Apollo volunteers to be Badger’s legal assistant.