Heroes: Parasite

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It’s all coming together now, with plenty of twists and turns and characters overlapping all over the place …

Peter is especially mobile this episode, first dodging bullets at Isaac’s, then eavesdropping on Nathan’s meeting with the FBI, and finally ending up at Mohinder’s. Where, in one of the funniest “meta” moments in television history, Sylar slices off the long bangs that have apparently been driving Milo Ventimiglia insane for months. But I’m getting ahead of myself …

Hiro reunites with both of his buddies again. Nathan helps him reach the sword in Linderman’s vault, and Ando prevents him from getting caught while swiping it. Then he and Ando jump ahead into a future in which they have NOT yet succeeded in preventing NYC from being blown up. Well duh — they clearly need to hook up with Peter and the others before that can happen.

Nathan hooks up with Niki/Jessica again, but under much different terms. This time, she/she is a hitman instead of a call girl. Jessica kills two feds, then Niki takes over, warns Nathan that Linderman is on to him, and tells Nathan to knock her out. He does, then confronts Linderman (played by Malcom McDowell) with a gun, intending to kill him. But Linderman dazzles him with his knowledge about the heroes and the promise of a presidency, and Nathan backs down.

Claire dislikes the idea of being Canadian SO much that she escapes from the Haitian, and somehow makes her way to Peter’s apartment in New York … where the Haitian and Grandma Petrelli are waiting for her, speaking French to each other … without subtitles. (Any French majors out there who can tell us what they were saying?) So just how deeply connected is Grandman Petrelli anyway?

Bennet still forgets what happened to him, but apparently gave his wife all the details before he was mind-wiped, and she reminds him. Playing dumb, he accompanies the particularly diabolical shapeshifter Candice to New York to clean up Isaac’s mess. Then Bennet plays REALLY dumb, forgets Candice is a shapeshifter, and spills everything to her, believing it’s his wife. (By the way, this is why I’m hoping to see Candice die soon — it’s exhausting to always be wondering if somebody really is who you think they are!)

Which brings us to Mohinder, who figures out that Zane is really Sylar, drugs him up, takes some spinal fluid, and begins using it to build a new list. Like Bennet, though, he’s been way too sloppy. Sylar gets control and pins Mohinder to the ceiling just as Peter arrives. Peter loses the aforementioned bangs, and … the credits roll.

Tune in on April 23rd to see how the last five episodes of the season play out. Can’t wait!