Heroes: Cautionary Tales

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Lots of twists and turns in Heroes this episode, and some plain old good writing — particularly the dialog, which we all know has floundered a bit this season. In fact, this episode was so tight, with so many overlaps, that it almost felt like a season finale to me, although I know there are two more episodes and a whole “super virus” plot line to wrap up yet.

Let’s start with Hiro. After some soul-searching and time jumping and discussions about how having God-like powers does not give one the right to play God, Hiro defers to his father’s wishes and lets him die. In the process, we get some very cute scenes of Hiro squaring off against his younger self, and can almost see the gears moving in Adult Hiro’s head as he realizes that it is time to put away childish romantic notions in order to become a man. And in what is a crucial step toward this end, he learns that his own ex-hero — Takezo Kensei — has killed his father.

Matt goes the other way, and risks slipping over to the dark side by using his mind powers to push instead of just pull, compelling people to do what he wants them to. His intentions are good for now — a cop using his ability as a way to get information. But we already know that in one alternate future, he turned bad. So will he be able to pull himself back before he crosses that line in this one?

Along these same lines, Mohinder decides to work with Bob & Elle to betray Noah, who we now know was largely motivated to protect Claire because of the way that Bob used Elle as a guinea pig when she was younger. Like Matt, Mohinder’s intentions are good, and he tries hard to stick to his moral guns … but it’s a slippery slope.

Meanwhile, West finally gets halfway interesting this week when Noah uses him to great effect as his wing man. (See what I did there?) They band together to rescue Claire, and Noah’s all, “S’up Mohinder,” and Mohinder’s all, “S’up,” and Elle’s all, “Gonna zap you!” and West is all, “Wooosh!” and Elle’s all, “Why’s my feet wet?” and Noah’s all, “Science 101,” and Elle’s all, “Gonna … ow ow ow!!!” and Noah’s all, “Your father sucks,” and he calls Bob and Bob’s all, “Let’s trade,” and they go to the beach, and Noah’s all, “So West … what kinda car you drive?” and West is all, “The kind I popped your daughter’s cherry in,” and Noah’s all, “I had a Citroen!” and West is all, “Whatever fuck that is,” and the trade goes down and West is all, “Wooosh!” and Elle’s all, “Zap zap!” and Claire’s all, “Ooof!!!” and Noah’s all, “Blam blam!” and Elle’s all, “Ow!” and Mohinder ends things by shooting Noah’s ass in the eye.

Again, this was some wonderfully tricky writing, full of red herrings. Just as we’re convinced that there must be some trick to the future that Dead Isaac spelled out in his paintings, things end up playing out exactly as he portrayed them in his final two pieces. Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye and Noah dies. Sort of. Because in the final scene, somebody infuses him with healer blood, bringing him (and his eye) back to life again. Was it Bob? Or was it Adam? Both have something to gain for their own particular agendas by keeping him around for the knowledge in his head. Or was it Mohinder, who decided that the only way to save Noah was for the Company to think he was dead? So many choices? Who do you think it was? Who un-shot HRG?