Heroes: Better Halves

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This week’s episode of Heroes confirmed for us that Eden is indeed working for Claire’s father. Although his surprised reaction to hearing that the “heroes” have been told to save his daughter made me think for the first time that maybe he’s not a bad guy? Is it possible that when everything shakes out, he could end up being the “Professor X” to this group of “mutant” misfits? I mean, he’s clearly deceptive and secretive … but I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s bad.

Meanwhile, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure where I know D.L. (Niki’s husband) from without looking at IMDB … but I finally gave up this morning. Dopey me, I learned that he was one of Zod’s goons in an episode of Smallville that I saw just last month. And going further back, he was one of Riley’s Initiative buddies on Buffy. And now he’s walking through walls. It remains to be seen whether he’s a good or bad guy. But he’s got Micah and the two million dollars, and I doubt that Dark Niki will be very happy about that when she wakes up.

Speaking of whom, I guess I’ll take back my criticism a few weeks ago that Niki doesn’t seem to have any superpower. Because ripping human bodies apart definitely falls outside the range of a simple split personality. Ando should be grateful that he was in the bathroom when she showed up — not only because he might have died, but because if he didn’t, the sight most certainly would have killed his sexual fantasy buzz. Although I wonder, would she have actually killed Hiro and Ando if they were there? After all, Niki knows Ando.

As for Hiro … him finding out that his future self has a sword? Funniest moment all night.