Heroes: Nothing to Hide

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Heroes took an interesting turn and slipped away from the Sylar hunt into kind of an X-Files “freak of the week” mode this episode. Based on all the pins we saw on Suresh’s map, I wondered if/when this would happen. After all, they can’t all be heroes, right? As a mind-reader, Matt is even better suited to be Mulder than Mulder was. But if Clea Duvall isn’t going to get more than a guest-starring credit any time soon, I suspect that “Scully” won’t live long enough to build up any sexual tension between the two of them.

Meanwhile, we got a confirmation that Micah does indeed have a power. And one assumes it’s not simply the power to make broken phones work. Based on the fact that he was working with some kind of circuit board back in the first episode, my guess would be that he has a control over things electronic? What would you call that? Technokinesis? Regardless, I’m really really really hoping it will lead to him having a robot at some point.

Let’s see, what else … Hiro gets his mojo back, and in our first hero team-up, he and DL save somebody’s life. Claire’s brother finds out about her powers. We find out that Dark Niki’s name is actually Jessica … which is kind of an underwhelming name for such a bad-ass. We find out that Nathan’s wife is in a wheelchair … and that he put her there, presumably as the result of some kind of drunk driving accident. I’m curious to learn if there’s more to the story than that and/or how it will play out. And Isaac, Suresh, and Claire’s father are all absent this episode.

It occurred to me this week that a lot of the heroes have a non-hero confidante at this point. Hiro has Ando, Niki has her best friend, Matt has the FBI chick, Claire has the geek, Isaac has his ex, and Peter seems a step away from confiding in her as well. So YouTube aside (“YouTube is free you idiot!”), these heroes are rapidly becoming the worst kept secret ever. Which leads me to believe that the writers don’t intend to keep them secret from the public in the long run. But only time will tell.