Heroes: Don't Look Back

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The shining point of this week’s episode of Heroes for me was the subtle moment when Claire asked how the fireman was doing. That’s the classic “hero” moment to me. Yes, her actually saving the guy was a heroic gesture. But being willing to not take credit for it, and to care about the well-being of the person you saved — that’s storytelling gold to me. Very Spider-Man.

With that aside … is anybody clear on the chronology of this episode? Clearly, Hiro was 3 weeks in the future right up until the end, when he “snapped” back to the present. And so the artist being murdered was also in the future. But am I correct in assuming that everything else was in the present timeline? Or no? Anyway, I liked that plot device — very tricky!

Speaking of the artist’s murder, what did everybody think of the gore factor this week? Dead rotting bodies in trunks, skulls being chopped cleanly off. This is clearly not family fare. It sounds like the guy who left that voicemail for Dr. Suresh might be the same one who’s chomping on “hero” brains? Maybe it’s Claire’s father?

Who else besides me thinks that Mohinder’s new female friend is one of the “bad guys” — that the whole thing with the exterminator was a big set-up to gain his confidence and draw info out of him? And do we really know yet exactly what the nature of Niki’s power is? Seems now like she’s just blacking out, and that there isn’t really a doppelganger.

So many questions! But so far, I’m still loving this show. How about you?