Heroes: One Giant Leap

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In this episode of Heroes, Niki buries the bodies, but doesn’t create any new ones. And we find out that her baby daddy is something of a bad-ass … which I’m sure will figure into the plot sooner or later.

Peter seems incapable of flying again. Can he only do it as a tandem thing with his dickhead brother? And now that he’s with the ex-girlfriend of the future painter, how long before the two of them meet? Although I guess at the moment, they’d make a pretty ineffective superhero team.

Hiro gets to finally be a hero, with a little help from Isaac’s comic book, and once again gives us all the funniest moments of the show. And now he and his friend are headed for Vegas.

Claire finally gets the quarterback she’s been pining for, and almost gets raped as a result. Fortunately for her, she just dies instead, albeit temporarily. Her scenes had me asking myself a couple of important questions. One, since she has healing factor, can she even get drunk? And two, can she ever actually lose her virginity? I mean, wouldn’t the hymen just keep growing back? Anyway, I gather from the way she “came back to life” only after that sharp object was pulled out of her brain, it means she can be incapacitated if her brain is damaged? Connecting this to Sylar’s brain fetish from last episode, can we assume that all of the heroes’ powers reside in their brains?

Speaking of Sylar, Suresh and the suspicious neighbor track him down, and find that he has a map of his own … as well as possibly a heavy dose of Catholic guilt. We meet Sylar ourselves when Matt the Cop and Clea Duvall stop him from kidnapping the girl. His own power seems to be telekinesis … as well as possibly the ability to control shadows, and keep us from seeing his face.

Note to husbands everywhere: As we learn from Matt, the power to read your wife’s mind will NOT save your marriage!