Heroes: Fallout

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In this episode of Heroes, Matt the Cop finally joins the fray, interrogating both Peter and Claire. Unfortunately, he’s frustrated in both instances. Peter’s power mimicking ability creates some nasty telepathic feedback for him, and Claire and her father are under the telepathic protection of “The Haitian”. Who, by the way, needs a name already. Seriously. Unless maybe he has one, but has wiped it out of the heads of everybody who’s ever heard it?

Speaking of the Haitian, what’s his agenda anyway? Why didn’t he wipe Claire’s mind? Is he maybe a “good guy” who — like Eden — has become disillusioned with whatever organization Claire’s father works for? And if this is the case, is there any chance his power is reversible, and that maybe he can give poor Claire her only friend (Zach) back to her at some point?

After injuring Micah, Niki’s maternal instincts kick in, and she finally starts to get some control over Jessica. She turns herself into the police for murder, and this seems like a step in the right direction for her. Once again, I wonder if she’ll eventually be able to integrate the two sides of her personality and maybe tap into her powers as Niki?

I particularly enjoyed the little self-referential conversation this week between Hiro and Ando about how to parse their mission statement. Is it, “If you save the cheerleader, you save the world,” or is it, “First save the cheerleader, then save the world”? Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando finally meet “Mister Isaac”, who learns that he actually can paint the future without drugs. And he doesn’t even have to make the poop face to do it. And dudes, he painted Hiro fighting a T-Rex with a sword! “Gureto Sukoto!” What’s that all about?

Eden goes rogue, and after helping Isaac escape, comes up with a plan to make Sylar kill himself. Unfortunately, the plan goes rogue too, Sylar pulls Eden through the plexiglass, she ends up dead, and Sylar is presumably on the loose again now, possibly with Eden’s persuasion ability. Oops. No doubt Claire is at the top of the list of heroes he’s going after next — partly to get her healing factor and partly just to piss her father off. So there may be another chance for everybody to “save the cheerleader” very soon.

Last but not least, there’s Peter’s vivid vision. My take on this is that he ends up coming into contact with Nuclear Guy. But unlike Nuclear Guy, who’s had at least a little time to control his power as it’s gotten stronger, maybe Peter’s just going to get it all at once and not know what to do with himself? Regardless, where is Peter getting these visions from anyway? Is this another aspect of his powers? Or is he mimicking the power of somebody nearby that we don’t know about yet? Because neither Isaac nor Future Hiro seem to be anywhere near him when he collapses.

So … is it January 22nd yet?