BSG – The Passage

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This week’s Battlestar Galactica was hard core philosophical, yo! Almost couldn’t keep up with all the darkness and soul-searching going on. But first … did I miss the moment when Six and D’Anna agreed to start having threesomes with Baltar? It must have happened last week, while everybody on Galactica was busy beating the piss out of each other.

Anyway, the Fleet is back to starving again. And this time, the nearest planet with anything edible — some kind of algae — is on the other side of a huge hellish star cluster. For one reason or another, they can’t go around, and the only way to get everybody to the other planet is by making two “jumps” that requiring stopping in the middle to regroup. But the conditions are so bad inside the cluster that a Raptor has to escort each Fleet sheep through, one by one. So literally (sort of), the Raptor pilots have to go through Hell and back 10 times — 5 trips each way — taking on more radiation and losing a bit of sanity each trip. In the end, two ships are lost, along with their skeleton crews, but other than this, the mission is a relative success.

It’s all very spiritually metaphorical, and reminded of something Henrik Ibsen might have written.

Oh yeah, and Kat dies saving one of the ships. But not before we find out she used to be a drug runner, and that she stole the identity of somebody on Caprica who died during the Cylon attacks. Starbuck finds this out, and I think Adama suspects it, but in the end, they dismiss everything except the fact that she’s a hero. Which is all very well written (by Buffy alum Jane Espenson) … but I have to say, I’ve always had a hard time caring much about Kat as a character. So I’m kind of relieved she’s gone. Is that terrible?

Meanwhile, over in Cylonville, Baltar is having threesomes with Six and D’Anna. Wait, did I mention that already? By the way, I would be more sophisticated and call it a “menage a trois”, but since there was no France on Caprica or any of the twelve colonies, one assumes there was no French language either. So that phrase wouldn’t make any sense. There’s probably a fancy Capricese phrase for it involving some variation on the word “frak” … but I couldn’t find it on Wikipedia.

Between threesoming, Baltar discovers that D’Anna is killing herself over and over, and confronts her about it. Apparently, in the transition from death back to life, she is seeing the faces of what Baltar refers to as “The Final Five” — the remaining five Cylon models, one of which Baltar believes he might be. He presses D’Anna for more information, but each time she is reborn, the details fade away. They go to the Hybrid (the woman in the bathtub) hoping to glean more information, and she gives them some gibberish about eyes and cows. Which they then put through their zany Mythology Translator, and decide it means they should go the same planet that the humans just busted their ass to get to.

Which sets us up nicely for a showdown during next week’s hiatus finale.