Heroes: Four Months Later

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Four months have passed in the Heroes universe since last we saw it. The writers are expanding things a bit — introducing international characters, a worldwide virus, a storyline 300 years in the past, and another storyline involving the old school heroes, Papa Nakamura and Mama Petrelli.

Here’s what’s happening …

Hiro is still in the past, in 1671 Japan, trying to make a hero out of his hero, Takezo Kensei, who is a gaijin (white boy)! Seems like either Hiro will end up performing all the good deeds that TK historically gets credit for, or he’ll eventually succeed in bringing out TK’s more noble nature. And one of them will get to bang the swordsmith’s daughter, of course. I smell a “three for the road” scenario coming on, possibly.

Claire & “Noah” (still hard to think of him as having a name) are laying low in California, trying their hardest not to seem at all “special”. But both are having a tricky time of it, thanks to Mean Girls and retail bullies. Claire is starting to crush on a guy named Wes, who unbeknownst to her is the perfect fulfillment of Freud’s theory that girls are attracted to their fathers. Which is my long-winded way of saying that he can fly …

Just like Nathan, who has pulled an Eddie Wilson move (don’t get the reference? look it up!), and has apparently been skulking around town in a beard since Peter’s “death”. Presumably, he’s not running for office any more, and his wife and kids have left him. As for Peter, he’s actually NOT so dead, but does have a bit of the amnesia, and is handcuffed inside a storage container in Ireland. No idea why.

Matt Parkman is also not dead, but he is divorced. He’s become a detective, and is now the guardian of Molly, who is presumably being stalked in her nightmares by the “worse than Sylar” bad guy she alluded to at the end of last season.

Mohinder, while trying to convince people that the genetic world is not flat, is approached by some dude with a Midas touch who works for an organization that sounds like the one Noah worked for. But I can’t quite tell if it is the same one. Regardless, we find out at the end of the episode that this contact is exactly what Noah and Mohinder wanted, and that it’s all part of some master plan they have to take the organization down.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Central America, newbie Maya and her brother Alejandro are trying to get to the U.S., presumably to find a cure for her power — the ability to kill people by making their mascara run. It remains to be seen yet whether Alejandro is immune to this ability, or if the reason she doesn’t use it when he’s around is because he keeps her calm. Maybe it’s her own tears that kill people?

And now, an appeal to the writers … PLEASE DON’T LET SULU BE DEAD!!! Any chance his power is to heal himself, like Claire does? Or maybe Hiro can go back in time and prevent the death … after he comes forward in time from Japan that is. Because I’m sure he won’t be happy about it. Anyway, so who the hell is it that’s coming after the old school heroes? And why?

Anyway, I was very happy with the episode. What did you think?