Heroes: Lizards

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Another awesome episode of Heroes this week. I’m really enjoying the pacing so far, and now that most of the main characters are already established, I like the way it jumps around from one storyline to another. Anyway, let’s get into it …

Hiro pretends to be Takezo Kensei to save the swordsmith’s daughter by using his freeze frame power, then resigns himself to taking on a Cyrano role with the white TK, who is suddenly all excited about the prospect of being a hero … if it means he’ll get the girl and the glory. His excitement doesn’t last long, however, before he’s the victim of a walk-by arrowing, which he survives because (wait for it) he has healing powers, like Claire. Which now makes the second repeated power we’ve seen this season.

Speaking of which, Claire decides TO CUT HER TOE OFF!!! Sorry. I guess I could have prefaced that statement by saying that Claire gets all jazzed learning about lizards in class, and Flyboy is all, “Isn’t Biology cool???” and she’s all, “Yeah whatever,” and he’s all, “I have this awesome book!!!” and she’s all, “Fuck’s my car?” and he’s all, “It’s about POWERS!!!”, and she’s all, “Sorry Dad,” and Dad’s all, “Hey look, it’s my Haitian boyfriend,” and Claire’s all, “Dog shows suck,” and Mr. Muggles is all, “Damn, I’m hot,” and Claire’s all, “Wonder what would happen if I cut my toe off?” So she does(!!!), and we all barf, and it grows back, and Flyboy peeps in through the window and sees it, and Claire rushes outside, and Muggles goes apeshit trying to tell her, “Look up, dumbass!”

As for the Haitian, Mohinder finds him in Port Au Prince, sick with the hero virus, injects some of his blood into him … and proceeds to have his mind wiped by a now-healthy Haitian. Who then, as mentioned, rushes to be by his beloved Noah’s side. Seriously, these two need to get a room or something. I’m starting to suspect that Mrs. Bennett is a “beard,” and that half the times the Haitian wiped her mind in the past were because she walked in on the two of them “examining each other’s DNA”. Anyway, the healing and losing of the Haitian all plays into Mohinder & Noah’s attempts to build trust with Midas and “The Company”.

Over in Ireland, Peter — who still doesn’t remember who he is — is tied to a chair, and gets beat up by some thugs (one of which used to be “Malcolm” on Enterprise) who think that he stole their iPods. My guess is that the iPods have some killer Pogues and U2 bootlegs on them that the thugs forgot to back up to their computer? Anyway, without meaning to, Peter pulls a D.L. and slips out of his ropes and begins to escape, but goes back to rescue one of his captors, a girl who was nice to him, and uses Niki’s powers to beat up some guys. The main Irish thug comes home, knows Peter’s name, and convinces him to help perform a heist by showing him a box that presumably holds more details about his identity.

Meanwhile, Matt Parkman is now on the case of the dying Old Schoolers. He questions Ando, and I have to wrack my brain confirming that these two have actually never met before. Then he questions Mama Petrelli, who figures out that he’s reading her mind, and is all, “Get the fuck out of my head!!!” Then he questions Nathan, and around that time, the electricity in the police station goes off, and somebody tries to kill Mama Petrelli. Somebody who disappears without a trace. Which leads me to believe it might be Claude, the Invisible Man from last season. Although maybe that’s a red herring. Apparently, Isaac foresaw the killings of the Old Schoolers, and created a series of seven paintings depicting them. Which Noah has one of, and is actively looking for the rest.

Down in Mexico, Maya cries black tears that kill people. And has enough blackness in her to “kill the Devil”. And her twin brother apparently has the ability to neutralize the tears. And … that’s pretty much that. Kind of like the Wonder Twins, but without the whole “form of … an ice dildo” aspect. Or Gleek. Curious to see how both of their powers will figure into the larger plot line. Can Alejandro neutralize other powers, or only his sister’s? And isn’t Maya pretty much doomed to be a “vweelan” with a power like that? Or a great assassin, I suppose.

So what did you think of this week’s episode?