Heroes: Kindred

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Heroes is all over the world again this week …

In Ireland, Peter helps commit a robbery, but helps prevent a murder, gets shot and heals, gets a tattoo that morphs into the helix before it fades away entirely, kisses the Irish girl, and decides that he doesn’t want to know who he really is. Probably for the best. He’s liable to remember his old haircut. Or doing that Rocky movie.

In Mexico, Alejandro tries to steal a car in broad daylight by bashing in the window, and gets arrested as a result. Clearly, his power is NOT super-intelligence. Maya breaks him out of prison with her death tears, Alejandro neutralizes them, everybody un-dies, and blah blah blah, we saw this scene last week. Then they hook up with a guy who has a car. Which means they might actually make it to the U.S. in another 10 episodes or so.

In Japan 1671, Hiro shoves some notes into the sword, which Ando finds and reads in 2007, and which somehow nobody else who ever had that sword in their possession in the past 300+ years ever stumbled across. Maybe because it said, “ANDO open.” Archaeologists tend to respect privacy in cases like this. Anyway, it’s really just a silly plot device to have Hiro narrate what’s going on with him in the past, his adventures with Kensei, and that wacky time when he shoved him into a fight with 90 angry Ronin. We think for a moment that Hiro might blink himself back to the present, his work in the past done. But then he looks over at the girl, and — like Peter — his “sword” gets the better of him and he decides to stay.

Now some sad news. Turns out that D.L. is dead (as far as we know). Niki and Micah visit his grave one last time, then leave Las Vegas and head for New Orleans, where Niki drops her son off with Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), who is … I’m not sure who. We met D.L.’s mother last season, and it wasn’t her. I guess she’s old enough to be his grandmother? Whoever she is, I hope she has powers. Anyway, then Niki calls The Company and says she wants to be “cured” … I’m not sure of what. Her powers? Or is she sick like the Haitian? Or is she working with Noah and Mohinder and Matt and we just don’t know it yet?

Meanwhile, Mohinder finds the eighth of eight Isaac paintings, which shows Noah on the floor with a bullet through his eye and Claire(?) being comforted by somebody in the background. To date, Isaac’s paintings have been very accurate, so things look bleak for old HRG. But who knows. What has me most curious is why Noah would be killed along with a bunch of people with powers. Does he have a power or not? And if so, what is it?

And now for the “He Said / She Said” portion of our show …

The morning after the peeping incident, West is all, “I saw you cut your toe off,” and Claire is all, “Did not,” and he’s all, “Did so,” and she’s all, “Bottle of nail polish!” and he’s all, “Whatever,” and she’s all, “Whatever,” and he’s all, “Wanna see my power?” and she’s all, “You’ve got me? Who’s got YOU?!” and he’s all, “I’m awesome,” and she’s all, “Can you read my mind?” and he’s all, “No dumbass, that’s the cop,” and she’s all, “Motion sick now!” so they land on a tropical island, and “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” is playing, and he’s all, “Don’t talk that way, Sandy,” and she’s all, “Who fuck is Sandy?” and he’s all, “Never mind,” and tells a story about how a few years ago, some guy with horn rimmed glasses jumped out of some bushes and gave him a hickey, and Claire’s all, “Gulp.”

Further down the beach, Sylar wakes out of a dream where he was a cockroach, and some redhead says to him, “Hi, my name is Michelle. Perhaps you remember me from such roles as Candice,” and he’s all, “Yeah right. You’re not even the same actress,” and she’s all, “Duh. I’m a shapeshifter,” and he’s all, “Yeah but you usually only change shape to imitate somebody else,” and she’s all, “I saved your life you know!” and he’s all, “I liked Missy Peregrym better,” and she’s all, “Look, she got a job playing the shape-shifting girl on Reaper, so just drop it okay?” and he knocks her out, and he’s all, “Nom nom nom” on her brains, but he still doesn’t have any of his powers, and the camera pulls back, and we see that he’s on the island from Lost. Which explains a lot.