Heroes: Run!

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Ando and Hiro return to Vegas, where they plan to steal the sword from Linderman, who some tall chick named Hope claims to know as she seduces Ando, who steals a pink bag for her against the wishes of Hiro, who gets socked in the nose by Hope, who locks him in a storage room and tells Ando he’s with Linderman, who has hired Jessica to kill some dude, who stole 2 million dollars from Linderman and who — despite Matt’s best efforts — ends up dead, just like the Metal Melting Guy, who Sylar got to before Mohinder, who is now going to recruit “Zane”, who he doesn’t realize is actually Sylar, who is the reason the Haitian & Mr. Bennet had to wipe the memory of Mrs. Bennet again, which is why she can no longer remember Mr. Muggles or Claire, who once again visits her real mom, Firestarter, who extorts $100K from Nathan and lies about the amount to Claire, who throws a rock at a teary-eyed Nathan, who Jessica has now been hired to kill.