Heroes: Distractions

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Okay, first a quiz question for the uber-geeks out there:

What was the license plate number of Hiro’s father’s car, and why is it important?

With that out of the way, let’s fast-forward through the rest of the episode. Unlike Hiro, I can’t stop or slow down time, and there’s a lot of work on my plate today …

Hiro’s father gives an ultimatum to Hiro, who explains his mission, which is dismissed by his father, who tears up the T-Rex painting, which saddens Hiro, who convinces his father to instead hire his sister, who is so happy that she hugs Hiro, who now doesn’t have a painting to give Linderman, who has for some reason arranged to free Niki/Jessica from jail, where Niki’s psychiatrist was tasered to death by Jessica, who is now home and once again in control of Niki, who once (as Jessica) slept with Nathan, who it turns out is the father of Claire, who skips school to meet her real mom, Firestarter, who learns about Claire’s power and shares her own with Claire, who then heads home, where she doesn’t realize that an escaped Sylar has been trying to kill her fake mom, who in the nick of time is saved by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian, who for probably the fiftieth time wipes Mrs. Bennet’s mind, which keeps her from remembering the previous conversation about manatees that she had with Claire, who doesn’t yet realize that she’s the niece of Peter, who is at that moment getting lessons on controlling his power from Claude (who Mr. Bennet knows and thought was dead), who tries to convince Peter that he can’t live his life for others and can’t trust Simone, who goes to see Isaac, who loves New York and wants to save it from being blown up by Peter, who invisibly peeps on a special moment between Isaac and Simone on the roof, off of which Claude then pushes Peter, who doesn’t fly but does heal from the fall and realizes that thinking of a hero with a particular power is what activates that power in him, which gets him too over-excited as he’s explaining it to Claude, who then knocks him out with a sucker punch before he goes into another coma.

Does that about cover it?