Heroes: Six Months Ago

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Six months ago, on Heroes

Eden had long hair. Peter became a male nurse. Nathan regretted buying a convertible. Claire received the cheerleader outfit that she wouldn’t take off for six months. Matt ate a dozen doughnuts. Hiro couldn’t save the waitress he had grown to love. Niki the recovering alcoholic took on her dead sister’s personality as an alter ego. D.L. wasn’t in jail yet. Papa Suresh wasn’t dead yet. And Isaac apparently wasn’t even born yet.

But Sylar was. I’m still not entirely clear on how Sylar does what he does, but it seems to involve popping the skull caps off of heroes the way he used to pop the backs off of watches. So is that his power? Can he “sense” the powers of others, then absorb them by physically sticking his hands into their brains? Or does he not even need to touch the brains — maybe the whole skull chopping thing is just part of his psychotic Hannibal Lecter persona? And do we have any evidence that he’s actually absorbed anything other than the telekinetic powers of Bryan Davis yet?

As for Papa Suresh, we’re still in the dark as to how exactly he created his master list of potential heroes. Does the fact that Charlie the Waitress had a brain tumor play into things at all? Did Mohinder’s sister die of the same thing, and in the process of researching that, Papa found a genetic indicator for super powers?

Still so many mysteries to resolve yet. But I wasn’t really expecting or would have wanted them to be so easily resolved in a single hour-long episode. It was great to have some dots connected, though.