Heroes: Homecoming

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In this week’s Heroes, Sylar pointed his finger at somebody’s head and starting slicing the top of their skull off!!! That was awesome. You know, in a really sick way. It was just that annoying other cheerleader anyway, so it’s hard to feel bad. This episode is what I imagine the X-Men movies would look like if John Hughes wrote them. The popular girl who accepts the freaks & geeks (& gays) becomes the homecoming queen. But the bitchy homophobic popular girl is punched in the eye and gets scalped. (Cue Simple Minds song, “Hey hey hey HEY …”)

Meanwhile, in a twist that I think we all kind of saw coming, Peter almost dies, but mimics Claire’s powers long enough to heal himself. Part of me is wondering why he didn’t mimic Sylar’s telekinetic powers too — but in hindsight, he really wasn’t in close proximity to Sylar for very long. Or who knows, maybe he did, and that’s how he’ll end up eluding arrest the next time we see him.

As for Sylar, I’m very curious to learn more about him in the flashback episode next week. Because dude never talks, and seems to behave in an overly-focused robotic Terminator kind of way. Freakgirl thinks maybe somebody else with a power is controlling his actions. Could it be Eden with her Jedi Mind Trick ability? Because there was something shady about her final scene. I can’t help but think she’s not exactly in line even with Claire’s father’s agenda. So is Sylar just a puppet?

Over in Split Personality Land, it looks as if Niki has left the building entirely at this point. Jessica — in full Terminator mode herself — is in charge, to the extent that hers is the name we saw at the bottom of the screen this week. We’ve learned that Micah knows about her. And was there some recognition on D.L.’s face when he heard the name?

And then there’s Hiro, who apparently jumped a whole six months into the past to save the waitress … and somehow didn’t. We know he was at her birthday party, and we know he “popped out of Charlie’s life” a few weeks ago, and we know that Sylar killed Charlie at some point after that. As for the rest, I guess we’ll find out next week. Perhaps another Future Hiro told him, “Save the Waitress — Save Texas.” And he put some thought into it, and decided Texas shouldn’t be saved?

Just a thought.