Heroes: Unexpected

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Hana the Human Web Surfer finds Ted, who now wants to blow up Bennet, whose wife is dying because of too much mind-wiping by the Haitian, who accompanies Bennet to NYC to try and capture Claude, who is saved by Peter, who thanks to Claude is now able to better control his powers, which he uses to fly he and Claude to safety and to confront Isaac, who is now a narc for Bennet and who unintentionally kills Simone, who dies in the arms of Peter, who is becoming increasingly aggressive (like Sylar?) and who Claude is pissed at for revealing his not-deadness to Bennet, who Claire is pissed at for making her mother sick and who has been injecting radioisotopes into people like Hana and Ted and Matt, all of whom invade the Bennet house with guns to get justice, which is what Suresh tells “Zane” he would like for his father, who was killed by Zane/Sylar, who also kills the Mechanic with Super-Hearing, whose powers he steals, which gives him a Super-Headache and probably makes him wish that everybody talked in subtitles, like Hiro and Ando, who almost get killed by Hope, who shoots at Hiro, who unwittingly uses his powers to rewind time and stop the bullet from hitting him and who tells Ando to go home in order to protect him and who boards a bus driven by Stan Lee, whose awesome cameo was completely spoiled by the opening credits.