Heroes: Company Man

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Wow!!! I defy anybody to “meh” that episode. We got action, flashbacks, history reveals, parallel storytelling, and the most brutal Claire-healing yet. Okay, so no Sylar, no Petrellis, and after two weeks, still no sign of Niki. But the focused storyline was well worth it to get so much information and closure in one episode.

Fourteen years ago … Bennet was hired into The Company by Eric Roberts, and immediately partnered with Invisible Claude. Eric Roberts’ boss is Nakamura, Hiro’s father, who gave an infant Claire to a reluctant Bennet to raise as his own, with the proviso that if she ever manifests powers, he is to give her back to The Company. (This of course raises the question of whether Hiro was similarly adopted by Nakamura at some point.) Soon after, Bennet was introduced to a teen Haitian, when his wife needed her first of what would be many mind-wipes. Partners Bennet and Claude became friends, but it all went wrong seven years ago, when Claude developed a conscience and hid a fellow hero (any thoughts on who that might be?) from The Company. Bennet was then ordered to kill his partner, and seemingly did. But I’m guessing that Claude survived by holding on to the edge of the bridge while invisible.

Which brings us to the present, where Ted and Matt hold the Bennet family hostage. Matt quickly learns that it’s a big mistake — that Ted is too volatile — and with Bennet’s voice in his head guiding him, he moves to control the situation. At one point, he shoots Claire in the gut, trusting that she’ll heal from it. She does. While Matt and Bennet go get help, Claire gets caught trying to help her mother and brother escape, Ted burns her, and her mother learns just how special she is. Matt and Bennet return with the Haitian and a sedative, Eric Roberts shows up and shoots Ted, who starts losing control of his powers, everything gets crazy, and Claire gets roasted to a crisp while sedating Ted, who is now strapped down in the basement at PrimaTech, along with Matt.

Somehow, Bennet convinces Eric Roberts that the Haitian was the one hiding Claire’s powers, not him. But on his way to drop Claire off at The Company — as per the agreement 14 years ago — he hands her off to the Haitian instead … at the same bridge that he “killed” Claude on. To complete the ruse, the Haitian shoots Bennet in the gut, then wipes his memory, all while Claire bawls her eyes out, suddenly aware that her father is far more noble than she believed. Then Claire leaves with the Haitian for points unknown. It remains to be seen who he’s working for. Any guesses? Claude? Linderman?